Teenage Engineering Announces OP-1 – Pocket Controller / Synth

Teenage Engineering has emerged from an extensive Spin-The-Bottle game to announce the OP-1 (Operator 1) pocket controller/synth. Now it’s hard to tell if this is going to be an actual product, or just Gangaware, but here’s what they’re telling us:

The OP-1 is a pocket size controller for use with your favorite software sequencer. Connect it to your laptop and it lets you control your sequencers transport with the common play, stop, rec, forward and rewind. Use it to control your software synthesizers with the 4 rotary encoders and 16 dedicated quick keys for fast selections.

When you disconnect the OP-1 from your computer you suddenly have a stand-alone portable wonder-machine with 8 synthesizer models, 8 samplers and effects like Delay, Flutter, Filters and EQ all built in. Use all that synthesizer power to record your work with the truly unique sequencer.

» 3.5mm input for audio/external microphone
» 3.5mm output for line out /headphones
» 3-pole power-connector for charging the internal battery or for use with power adaptor.
» USB 2.0
» Two M6 holes for use with Teenage’s Studio System parts.

Use the magic step sequencer/arpegiator to get the notes right. If that is not enough use the built in motionsensor that sense every shake or move you make and turn it into really cool sounds.
Then relax and sample a beat from the built-in FM radio or memorize a tune by whistle it into the built-in microphone. Play your piece to your friends through the built-in speaker. Or…convert it right away to mp3 and mail it to them.

While the Jury is still out on the sound, design-wise, it’s definitely a winner. You can sign up for their Beta Test program and they may sell you one…

More information on the Teenage Engineering OP-1.

Author: FutureMusic

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