Roland Officially Unveils AX-Synth At NAMM

Roland has officially unveiled the AX-Synth, a new wearable keyboard MIDI controller that has an on-board sound engine. The AX-Synth doesn’t have a wireless capability, as we hoped, but it does indicate that Roland is finally listening to their customers.

Roland missed the boat when their TB-303 was resurrected by electronic musicians almost 20 years ago. Instead of reissuing the “little silver acid box” with MIDI, they decided to give customers the finger. When they did finally succumb to pressure, they dropped the MC-303, a neutered dance music production box that left advanced dance producers shaking their heads.

According to a Roland rep at NAMM, one of the products that customers are constantly clamoring for is a revamped AX-1 keyboard controller. So instead of stiff-arming this market segment, Roland decided to hit it. Here’s how they pitch it:

It’s time to escape the keyboard rig and rock the stage. The stylish AX-Synth represents Roland’s new generation of remote keyboards, but for the first time, this one has a sound generator onboard. It’s self-contained and equipped with powerful, solo-oriented sounds from Roland’s latest, greatest synths. Strap on an AX and steal the show.

» Built-in Fantom-based, PCM sound engine
» Ribbon controller, D Beam, modulation bar, knobs, and easy to see display for stage
» USB MIDI for easy connection to PC
» Dedicated V-LINK button for video/visual control
» Long battery operation (approx. 6 hours claimed)

More information on the Roland AX-Synth.

Author: FutureMusic

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