Audjoo Releases Helix – Super Saw VST Synth For Mac & PC

Audjoo has officially released Helix, a “Wave-Table-Shaping, Phase modulation, Virtual Analog, Physical Modelling Hybrid Synthesizer” VST for Mac and the PC. Okay…

Inspired by the “super-saw” of the late nineties, Helix is capable of huge and wide unison pads and leads. Where many Virtual analogs stops at seven or nine detuned waves for a supersaw, Helix takes the extra step and allow for 16 detuned and panned waves per oscillator. At four oscillators per voice we realize that we can max out our sound at 64 (sixty four) waves per voice.

Helix introduces a new oscillator type combining the concept of wave-shaping with wave-table synthesis, in addition this oscillator also allows for up to 16 x unison similar to a super saw, but for any waveform. Great care has been taken to ensure no aliasing in the oscillators, so the sound is free from many artifacts traditionally associated with software (and virtual analog) synthesizers. Each of the 24 voices is made up of four oscillators, three filters and three distortion/saturation stages.

Three Filters per voice, including traditional low/band/high pass, EQ, and comb, less usual dynamics, to the exotic String Model and PM Delay, a delayline where the delaytime is modulated in audio rate. Three stages of distortion/waveshaping per voice and one global can add a touch of old school harmonics or turn any sound into a nightmare of screaming machinery. Select from ten different shapes to find your favourite style of dirt.Helix comes with over 800 presets, from BigTone, Reason Lahalla, MaliceX, Alonso Sound and more. The presets range most styles where electronic instrument might fit.

» Low CPU usage
» 800+ presets (from BigTone and others)
» Up to 64 x Unison per voice
» Semi Modular Architecture
» Unique Wave-Table-Shaping oscillators
» 17 filter types (3 per voice)
» 10 distortion types (3 per voice)
» All stereo signal path
» Deep Modulation
» Arpeggiator
» 7 Built in effects (Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Limiter, Reverb, EQ)

Audjoo’s Helix is available now for $149. More information on Audjoo Helix.

Author: FutureMusic

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