FCC Green Lights Unlicensed White Spaces Spectrum Usage

The FCC voted to allow unlicensed wireless devices to operate in broadcast spectrum White Spaces. The vote passed despite extensive opposition from the NAB; pro audio manufacturers, more than 50 members of Congress, NARAS, the American Federation of Musicians, the NFL, NASCAR, the NBA and others.

The pro audio industry’s primary concern has been over the effects that such devices would have on wireless microphones — a concern that the FCC noted, “Wireless microphones will be protected in a variety of ways. The locations where wireless microphones are used, such as sporting venues and event and production facilities, can be registered in an internet data base and will be protected in the same way as other services. The Commission also has required that devices include the ability to listen to the airwaves to sense wireless microphones as an additional measure of protection for these devices.”

The FCC noted in a statement that while it was moving forward with rules to allow the devices, it would enact “numerous safeguards to protect incumbent services against harmful interference.” W

Author: FutureMusic

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