iKlax Releases Creator Pro Mixing Software For Mac & PC

iKlax, a slippery French concern, just sent us a press release revolving around a new product they’re launched dubbed, iKlax Creator Pro. As per their normal public communications, the release contains very little information about the product, and more about things which makes their mental stability suspect.

Here’s the title:
iKlax Creator Pro Set To Be At The Forefront of Audio Mixing Software’s Next Generation

Now that’s some serious chest-pounding, even for a French chap. Apparently, iKlax claims that their new Creator Pro is “the first professional multitrack and interactive music creation software.” Using the word “interactive” to describe music creation is not the most descriptive term, since what music creation tool isn’t interactive?

Now here’s a real gem: Owen Lagadec, the company’s CEO explains: “When we launched the lite version of iKlax Creator in March, for musicians to test the iKlax software, we weren’t sure what would come out of it. Six months later, the software has been downloaded over 7,000 times, a feat for music software!” Hate to tell you this Mr. Lagadec, but 7000 downloads of free software in eight months is no big “feat.” In fact, my sister could give away 7000 glasses of Lemonade at a corner stand if she gave it away for over 8 months.

Mr. Lagadec yammers on about other abstract notions that don’t translate well. So we’ll spare you. But here’s some features:

» The ability to import multi-format stem tracks without decompressing (wave, aiff, mp3, ogg vorbis,): the tracks remain in their original format throughout the mixing process.
» The first multi-format drag & drop virtual mixing table: the drag & drop system allows the creator to add stem tracks to the virtual mixing table, on the fly.
» The unlimited creation of mixes (iKmix) for every single file.
» The mixing and selection constraints setting
» The export of the file in the multitrack & interactive iKlax format, or in mp3, ogg vorbis and wave.

Now here’s the Kicker:
Laurent Primaux, Captain of R&D at iKlax declares: “For instance, you can create mixing rules allowing stem tracks’ volumes to be linked. Therefore, when a user moves a volume slide bar, the other volume slide bars will also move while retaining the same relation. This has never been done before.” Sorry to burst your croissant Primaux, but it actually has…

iKlax Creator Pro costs €269, is available now and comes in two flavors: electronic download or boxed. “More” information on iKlax Creator Pro.

Author: FutureMusic

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