Line 6 Announces BackTrack – TiVo For Your Guitar

Line 6 has introduced BackTrack, a new line of guitar peripherals that act like a TiVo. You basically plug-in to the BackTrack and it records everything you play during a practice session in 24 bit resolution. Like a particular riff? Just hit Mark and you can refer back to it later.

BackTrack begins recording as soon as it detects a signal. Just plug into the 1/4-inch input, connect the 1/4-inch output to your amp and start playing. Pressing the Mark button designates what you just played as special and separates it for easy review. The Forward and Reverse buttons provide instant recall of marked and non-marked ideas.

BackTrack can capture up to 12 hours of audio. Saved as .WAV files to a 1-GB flash memory card, the audio is easily transferred via USB 2.0 to your computer or recording software for further recording, editing or mixing. The USB connection also recharges the internal battery to its full capacity to a claimed 8 hours.

» 24-bit / 48 kHz audio
» Up to 12 hours of audio capture
» 1/4-inch guitar input
» 1/4-inch output
» Drag .WAV files to your computer via USB 2.0
» Rechargeable via USB
» Over 8 hours of claimed battery life
» Looped playback

Another model, dubbed BackTrack + Mic, adds a microphone with automatic gain control, allowing to capture vocals along with your guitar track. It also contains 2GB of memory, providing plenty of storage to capture that inspired moment.

Line6’s BackTrack and BackTrack + Mic are available now and cost $139.99 and $209.99, respectively. More information on Line6 BackTrack and BackTrack + Mic.

Author: FutureMusic

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