Inklen Announces MixEmergency – VJ Scratch Program For Mac

Inklen, a New Zealand concern, has released a public beta of MixEmergency – a visualization application to mix and manipulate videos and Quartz Compositions in real-time via Serato’s Scratch Live or a MIDI controller.

“We want to enable DJs to be more creative with their video sets”, says Nick Feisst, Director of Inklen. “MixEmergency has the ability to create much more dynamic visualizations than conventional video scratching. There are several unique features built into MixEmergency that will allow DJs to easily create effects and visualisations that haven’t been possible before.”

A MIDI controllable interface allows users to easily interact with MixEmergency’s transitions and effects. MixEmergency also has the ability to be controlled externally using Scratch LIVE. Advanced features of MixEmergency allow VJs to assign control signals, such as position and velocity, to interact with effect parameters and Quartz Compositions.

» Mix and scratch video files
— MixEmergency supports mixing and scratching of a range of files playable in Quicktime2.
» Support for Quartz Compositions
— Create stunning dynamic visual compositions with Quartz Composer and tweak them in MixEmergency. You can easily assign parameters within Quartz Compositions to react to the media’s play position and velocity.
— Quartz Compositions allow you to easily create dynamic visualisations that react to audio and video input. Several example files are included with the MixEmergency demo.
» Multiple transition effects
— Choose from a range of transitions to mix between media sources, or set it to randomly select the next transition if you want more time to concentrate on your music.
» Assignable MIDI control
— Assigning a MIDI control is as easy as option-clicking a control in MixEmergency and moving the desired MIDI controller.
» Drag and drop
— Drag and drop media onto either media preview area to load it. Or drag it into the media bank to have it easily accessible while performing. Folders can be dragged onto the media bank to quickly preview multiple clips.
» Dynamic effects
— Easily map the media position and velocity to any effect parameter to create dynamic effects that react to your mixing and scratching.

Inklen’s MixEmergency 1.0 beta for Mac OS X is available now as a free download. It will cost $179 when it bows. More information on Inklen MixEmergency.

Author: FutureMusic

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