reFX Upgrades Nexus To Version 2.0

reFX has updated Nexus, their flagship VSTi trance synth for PC and Mac, to version 2.0. Nexus2 contains new features and enhancements to assist you in making your own personal anthem.

reFX’s marketing department seems to ingest a bit of “e” before writing their press releases, so we’ll save you from all that “making your synth dreams come true” dribble. Nexus2 comes with over 70 new features and improvements.

– Expansion Dance Vol.2 included! – 128 new presets, 500 MB of samples
– Three skins – Black evil, Black good and Cobalt – are included (reFX sells their skins)
– New FX: analog phaser from Arts Acoustic – up to 16 stages
– New FX: stereo enhancer – widen or narrow the stereo field
– Feature Matrix: layers can be switched on/off separately
– New section: oscillator mix level
– Oscillators can be switched on/off separately
– Volume- and pan-control for each oscillator

New Expansions:
– Dance Volume 3
135 dance presets that start where Vol.2 has stopped. Among others, you will find trendy jumpstyle sounds and fully playable, tonal kicks which will dedust your subwoofers for sure! Unique dance basses, crazy electro-sounds, characteristic powerleads, sidechained sawlines, superb pads, awesome drumskits, and much more.

If anything deserves to be called “cult”, it’s the C64’s SID-soundchip. 200 presets give you access to the original sound, arps, and drums of that past era, partly created by using an original C64. All sequences of the mp3 demo are arpeggio-sequences played by NEXUS2. This is a must-have not only for nostalgics – SID also creates perfectly massive sounds for weird electro-styles!

New Features & Enhancements:
» volume control for single oscillators
» volume control for 1up oscillators (when used by preset)
» panning control for single oscillators
» free transposing of single oscillators (+/- 36 semitones)
» free detuning of single oscillators (centwise up to +/- 1 semitone)
» new trancegate presets
» clear via right-click
» length freely adjustable between 2-32 steps
» graphical zoom when pattern length is changed
» delay (tempo-synced)
» fade in (tempo-synced)
» graphical markers on every beat
» adjustable loop-start
» graphical marker on play-position
» shuffle-factor + graphical representation of shuffle-factor
» librarian uses the full height now, making it much easier to use
» new arpeggio presets
» maximum length increased to 32 steps
» graphical zoom when pattern length is changed
» graphical marker on every beat
» newly created steps have default settings now
» steps can be transposed note* and octave-wise
» while holding shift, step-lengths can be adjusted smoothly
» adjustable loop-start
» graphical position marker
» shuffle factor + graphical representation of shuffle-factor
» expanded arpeggiator filter (incl. drum modes)
» librarian uses the full height now, making it much easier to use
» new: analog phaser from Arts Acoustic
» new: stereo enhancer
» two FX slots instead of just one
» FX slots can be swapped
» preset librarian
» multi-FX can be saved in one file (XFX)
» 70 new FX presets sorted by effects-categories
» 25 new XFX presets
» EQ now has four bands
» new EQ types: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandpass2, notch, peak, lowShelf, highShelf
» Q factor for each band
» free frequency (20-18000hz) for each band
» separate gain (-/+24db) for each band
» on/off switch for each band

reFX’s Nexus2 costs $349 / €299 and is available now for download. More information on reFX Nexus2.

Author: FutureMusic

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