TestDrive: Ecler EVO5 DJ Mixer

After falling in love with the NUO4 a couple of years back, you can imagine our reaction when the Spanish concern announced that they would be debuting a new flagship mixer. Could the new Ecler EVO5 best the excellent ergonomics, handsome design and quality sound of the NUO4?

The Ecler EVO5, part of a completely new line, is a sophisticated DJ mixer that seamlessly bridges the gap between the analog and digital realms. In its simplest implementation, the EVO5 can be utilized as a 4-channel analog mixer for CD decks and turntables. It can also be used solely as a full-on MIDI controller with every knob and fader able to send MIDI data. In its most advanced application, it can be used as both a MIDI controller, and an analog mixer at the same time. This not only gives the EVO5 enormous versatility, but also allows the adventurous DJ to push the mixing envelope. With this much power and flexibility, every single DJ will approach the EVO5 in their own unique way. So in order to fairly review the EVO5, we’ve embarked on our most ambitious review to date…

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Author: FutureMusic

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