Steinberg’s Sequel 2 Now Available

Steinberg is now shipping the next generation of their music creation and live performance software, Sequel 2. Sequel 2’s new features, include a hardware Controller Learn mode, Track Freeze, a virtual keyboard, Track Icons and many more.


Controller Mode – With the new Controller Mode you can control nearly all Sequel 2 functions with an external keyboard or hardware controller. So you can adjust the track volume with an external controller or you can mute a track with your keyboard. With the MIDI Learn function the allocation of the parameters is so easy: just click a parameter in Sequel 2 and move the desired knob, slider, key or button on your hardware. Now you can control the function with your external hardware.

Live performance without clicking a mouse – The new Controller Mode in Sequel 2 gives you so many options for live performance. You can trigger live pads or edit volume/tune and effects with your hardware controller to create a song on stage – including arranging and mixing – without even using the mouse!

Virtual Keyboard – If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard, you can still play melodies in Sequel 2. With the new Virtual Keyboard you just play the notes with your computer keyboard, ideal for composition on the move on your laptop.

Track Icons – Sequel 2 lets you allocate a Track Icon to each track. That helps you to find a track much faster within the Arrange Zone or the Editor. Sequel 2 comes with Icons for many of the most commonly used instruments. You can also change the size, and even tint or rotate the Track Icons. Or use your own pictures – with drag and drop!

Track Freeze – With the Track Freeze function you save CPU power for more tracks and effects! MIDI instruments and effects can use a lot of CPU power, especially on older computer. If you’re finding that the limits of your computer’s CPU has been reached, just click the Freeze button to freeze one or several tracks. If you want to change anything about a frozen track, just click the button to unfreeze the track and edit away.

Free Warp and Audio Reverse – Normally Sequel adjusts loops automatically to the tempo of the project. But for some audio material, you might find you have to make some manual adjustments for the tempo. With the new Free Warp mode you can warp any part of an audio loop. Just set the warp anchor and move it to the desired time position. This function is also great for creative editing of loops. The Audio Reverse function is also a new feature of Sequel 2, and lets you play audio backwards – a cool effect for breaks!

Tap Tempo – With the new Tap Tempo function it is so easy to assign the tempo of each audio file or to fix the tempo of the song. Just activate the Learn Mode and click the beat with any key. Sequel 2 calculates and shows the tempo.

Improved MediaBay – The MediaBay in Sequel 2 shows how many loops are included within a (sub-)category. Categories with no hits are greyed out. This saves unnecessary clicks and helps you to find out the right loop or sound much faster.

Vista Core Audio Support – With Windows Vista Sequel 2 runs at very low latencies even without external ASIO hardware using the Vista Core Audio driver.

Sequel Content Sets – Sequel Content Sets are now available for Sequel 2. Now you can expand your Sequel sound library with hundreds of additional loops in different music style.

Steinberg’s Sequel 2 costs €99.00 and is available for Mac and PC. Updates to Sequel 2 from the previous version are available exclusively from Steinberg’s online store for €29.00. More information on Steinberg Sequel 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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