Vir2 Instruments Releases BASiS – Bass Guitar Virtual Instrument

Vir2 Instruments has released BASiS, a new Bass Guitar virtual instrument that features a sampled collection of electric, upright, fretless, and synth basses. Vir2 claims BASiS offers attention to detail in the depth and breadth of the basses with 24-bit sampling, DI and amp blending control, multiple velocity layers, seamless humanizing, custom legato and vibrato tools, release layers, harmonics, hammer-ons, pulloffs, slides, slaps, rakes, falls, and more.

BASiS includes more than 7 gigabytes of the most diverse collection of basses available in the world of virtual instruments: classics like the Jazz Bass, P-Bass, Rickenbacker, and Musicman basses are presented alongside personality and genre tributes such as a classic Motown bass, a gospel bass, Jaco´s Fretless, and Macca´s Hofner. One upright bass and three slap basses are also included. In the synth bass category, more than a hundred patches are provided, ranging from thumping vintage synth basses to techno basses and esoteric fresh creations to spice up your tracks. Each instrument has been meticulously mastered and programmed for maximum musicality when placed in a mix.

BASiS is powered by Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player 2 engine, offering integration into all major sequencers via its AudioUnit, VST, and RTAS plug-ins, as well as standalone operation. It also works within both Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3.

Vir2 Instruments BASiS costs $299.95 and is available now. More information on Vir2 Instruments BASiS.

Author: FutureMusic

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