Toontrack Music Releases EZplayer Pro & Updates Toontrack Solo

Toontrack Music has released EZplayer Pro, the follow-up to the popular percussive MIDI engine EZplayer FREE.

EZplayer pro is a VST, AU and RTAS plug-in for Mac and PC with extended Map Wrapping capabilities between major drum sampler formats in the market. (FXpansion´s BFD 1 and 2, Digidesign´s Strike, NIs Battery, EZdrummer and Superior Drummer in addition to others).

The new multi track MIDI clip arranger offers time stretching, editing and multi layer arranging of MIDI files. EZplayer pro also has hardware learn features enabling live triggering of MIDI arrangements. The MIDI content in EZplayer pro is recorded by drummers David “Fingers” Haynes and Per Mikaelsson.

With the release of EZplayer pro Toontrack also starts working more closely with 3rd party MIDI content creators. First out is Groovemonkee that can be easily reached through the help menu in EZplayer pro.

In conjunction with releasing EZplayer pro Toontrack also releases a new version of Toontrack solo, which allows the user to run EZplayer pro together with any of the Toontrack samplers. The combination of Toontrack solo, EZplayer pro and EZdrummer or Superior Drummer gives the user an independent workstation that allows the shaping of new MIDI grooves within the EZplayer pro arranger which can later be exported to any sequencer.

The new version of Toontrack solo also has, upon request, improved support for Yamaha drum modules and Roland Virtual Hats. To download the new version of Toontrack solo compatible with EZplayer pro visit the Free Downloads area in your Toontrack Music user account.

Toontrack Music’s EZplayer pro costs $49 and is available now. EZplayer pro will also be included as the MIDI engine in the upcoming Toontrack sampler Superior Drummer 2.0. More information on Toontrack Music EZplayer Pro and Toontrack Solo.

Author: FutureMusic

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