MoReVoX Releases ELEKTROMORPH 2 – Drum Sample Library

MoReVoX has released ELEKTROMORPH 2, a drum sample library. Divided into Massive Path Sounds and Creative Path Sounds, MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH 2 has been recorded with unique top quality signal paths to create individual sound coloring, then hyper-edited in both analog and digital domains.

Developed by Sabino Cannone, Elektromoph 2 gives you several ways to create drums tracks: deep and punchy digital sounds, warm and dirty-valve analog sounds, dry impact drums, explosive roomy wide hits, massive pure natural sounds, classic MoReVoX creative sounds, and more, for a total of 820 samples and 118 Instruments (24bit).

» 30 Kicks
» 40 Snares
» 6 Toms Racks
» 6 Sidesticks
» 36 Cymbals

MoReVoX claims all of MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH 2’s samples have been created with their own defined character, and are made to be simply dropped right into a project, no dynamic or EQ processing is needed. Formats Supported: DRUMAGOG, DRUMREHAB, BATTERY 3, and RAW WAV.

MoReVoX’s ELEKTROMORPH 2 is available now on DVD for $199 or via Digital Download for $189. More information on MoReVoX’s ELEKTROMORPH 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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