De la Mancha Releases Freq Show, Free VST Plug-in

The Dr. Frankensteins at de la Mancha have releases freq show, a free VST plug-in for Windows that “screws around with your audio, and ouputs an unholy version of whatever you fed it.” As usual, the information from these mad scientists is rather sparse, but here’s some info on the controls…

» A – choose 1 from 11, using the power of your ears to decide which you like best
» B – like A, but B
» mode – choose 1 from 9 ways that A fucks up B, or B shits on A
» xy pad – using your mouse, a midi pad or sheer will power, move the puck around to influence how much freq show will defecate on your audio. (Lovely… –Ed.)

de la Mancha’s Freq Show is available now as a free VST plug-in for Windows. More information on de la Mancha’s Freq Show.

Author: FutureMusic

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