Puremagnetik Unleashes Three New Bundles: Producer, Designer, Vintage Collection

Puremagnetik has unleashed three new Micropak bundles on the unsuspecting public for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand. The new bundles, Vintage Collection, Designer Bundle and Producer Bundle, are available now.

Vintage Collection:
Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand
Vintage Collection contains 7 of Puremagnetik’s old-school synthesizer libraries sourced directly from the classics of the 1970s and 80s. Vintage Collection contains the following Puremagnetik Micropaks:

TeeBee – Roland TB-303 instrument and loops
Circuit:30 – Circuits is based on Moog synthesizers and effects
Analog Bass Volume 1 – Assortment of deep analog bass instruments
P-50 Linear – Sounds from Roland’s classic 1980’s D-50 synthesizer
String Machines – A collection of the great string synths from the 1970s
Eight Bit – Classic Commodore 64 SID chip sounds
Vintage 80’s Classics – assortment of great 1980s retro synths

Producer Bundle:
Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and GarageBand
Producer Bundle is a one-stop resource for Puremagnetik’s sophisticated collection of acoustic and electric instruments. Producer Bundle contains the following Puremagnetik Micropaks:

Purple Kit – Custom built multi-mic maple drum kit and drum loops
PM Mark One – Fender Rhodes electronic piano
Technosphere – Sound design toolkit for composing and scoring
Guitar Rack Volume 1 – Stratocaster instrument and loops
Guitar Rack Volume 2 – Acoustic guitar instruments and loops
PM-200 – Wurlitzer electronic piano multisample instrument

Designer Bundle for Ableton Live:
ah, Ableton Live
Designer Bundle is a collection of Live Packs created exclusively for Ableton Live. It includes 6 of Puremagnetik’s unique Micropaks that utilize many of the new and innovative features of the Ableton Live environment. Designer Bundle contains the following Puremagnetik Micropaks:

Retroputer – Modular instrument and sequencer based on the Elektron┬« Monomachine
Wavebase – Modular “Wavetable” instrument and Live Clips
Microdrum – Classic electronic and acoustic drum sounds with built in step-sequencer
RackPak – Over 100 sophisticated effects racks for Ableton Live
Juice – 60 fresh and new Operator presets
Elektrodrum – Versatile soundset modeled after the Elektron Machinedrum

Puremagnetik’s new bundles are available now and cost $60 each. Puremagnetik has a cutting-edge subscription model for access to it’s lineup of goodies. A Basic Monthly Subscription costs $5.75 / Month, or $60 / Year. A VIP, All Access Pass will set you back $198 / Year. More information on Puremagnetik.

Author: FutureMusic

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