Samplebase Updates Satellite – Sample-Synth Freeware Player

Samplebase has updated Satellite, the free version of their downloadable sample-synth player. Satellite users may now import their own Wav, AIFF, and REX files. Up until now, only Satellite Pro contained this feature. While customers still need Satellite Pro to get more advanced sample editing functions and access to synth parameters, the new free version of Satellite lets them import their own sounds and create quick menus or loop patches, with access to all of Satellite’s tempo sync, time and pitch stretching functions.

For example, Satellite Free users may load up to 16 loops at one time and, with one click, have them auto-assigned across the keyboard, either chromatically or on the white keys only. Satellite is a VST/AU plug-in for PC and Mac systems, and it’s also available as a stand-alone program.

Satellite is free for all registered users of Samplebase, and comes with a free Ignition SoundBlock that features sounds from various Samplebase SoundBlocks. Satellite Pro will set you back $149. More information on Samplebase Satellite.

Author: FutureMusic

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