Weekend Fun: Arm Your Lego Men To The Teeth

BrickArms, a garage operation from the US, has been selling an assortment of weapons for Lego Men, also known as minifigs, since 2006. Apparently there’s a large group of adults who enjoy playing with Lego, and there was a need for massive firepower in the marketplace. Although, BrickArms is not officially sanctioned by Lego, the manufacturer has taken a lassie-faire attitude towards the operation.

Will Chapman, owner of BrickArms, got the inspiration to create his own Lego weapons after his son wanted to incorporate his love of WWII history into his Lego play time. Will then investigated the process of CAD design, molding and producing the weapons on a small scale and selling them to enthusiasts. His son, and many others including the adult Lego community, quickly embraced his creations and BrickArms was born. Chapman’s designs have moved on from vintage German Rocket Propeller Grenade launchers, to include G36 Assault Rifles, James Bond PPK pistols with Brausch silencers, and huge Magnum revolvers. “Make my day, Lego Punk!”

Not satisfied with weaponry, Chapman has started creating his own minifigs in a variety of guises including K9 Kop, US WWII Army Sergeant, German WWII corporal, Spy Bond, and others. We’re just wondering if he’s going to cross the sanity line and create an Osama Bin Laden minifig complete with RPG, Satellite phone, and dialysis machine.

Chapman plans to include more Sci-Fi weapon action in the next arsenal, as well as a few surprises.

More information on BrickArms.

Author: FutureMusic

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