Mackie Introduces U.420 & U.420 Mixers

Mackie announce their new U.Series Production Mixers — the U.420 and the U.420d. Each model features a micro-master section with otherwise full-size qualities such as a prominent master volume knob and high resolution metering. Mic or stereo line channel strips with 3-band active EQ, a built-in DI box and RIAA phono preamps allow you to plug-in, and turn up for live sound and recording via integrated stereo Firewire I/O. Ingenious “loop-thru” routing enables you to mix and record analog and DAW playback with a couple of simple moves. Each offers a stereo aux send, headphone out with pre-main level control and self-monoing outputs.

• 4-channel stereo line mixer with 24bit/96kHz FireWire I/O
• Simple, modern design makes mixing simple on stage or in the studio
• 4 high-headroom stereo line inputs for keys, synths, drum machines, etc.
• Built-in DI box for instruments like acoustic guitar and bass
• Mackie designed RIAA phono preamp for turntables
• 3-band “full-kill” active EQ’s for sweetening and filtering
• Stereo aux send for monitoring and effects
• Self-mono-ing outputs for simple connection to a single monitor
• Headphone out with separate level control wired pre-main for simple overdubbing
• Large main volume knob and high resolution metering for quick control and monitoring of your main mix
• Separate FireWire input level control and loop-thru switch for max flexibility on stage or in the studio
• Tracktion 3 Production Software included

The U.420 4-channel high-headroom stereo line mixer offers 3-band “full-kill” active EQ on each channel, a built-in DI box and a Mackie designed RIAA phono preamp. The U.420d is loaded with 2 premium Mackie mic channels with 30mm faders, and features 3-band active EQ with mid-sweep, while 2 high-headroom stereo line input channels include 2 Mackie designed RIAA phono preamps, 3-band active EQ, a full headphone cue system and a 30mm crossfader.

The U.Series mixers will be available in the U.S. and Canada in April 2008 and internationally in May 2008. The U.420 will set you back $249 / €249 and the U.420d will cost $319 / €299. More information on the Mackie U.420 and U.420d.

Author: FutureMusic

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