Behringer Announces Partnership With XT Software

Behringer has announced a strategic alliance with XT Software, which will begin bundling energyXT digital audio workstation with selected Behringer products this Spring.

XT Software, founded in 2006 and based in Norway’s Oslo Innovation Center, is known for their music production sequencer energyXT2. Behringer believes that XT Software’s version of energyXT2 for Behringer products, called energyXT2 Compact Edition, is unique among DAWs as it loads in under two seconds and is not locked to a single computer. They tell us that the energyXTC program is tightly coded (2 MB), runs on all operating systems and can be transferred between computers via any mobile media. A complete DAW solution, energyXT2 provides simple drag-‘n-drop manipulation of MIDI and audio sequences.

Author: FutureMusic

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