Faber Acoustical Updates SignalScope and SignalScope Pro To Version 2.0

Faber Acoustical has updated their real-time signal analysis software SignalScope and SignalScope Pro to version 2.0. The upgrade makes both products Leopard compatible and includes technology previously only available in Faber Acoustical’s flagship product, Electroacoustics Toolbox.

SignalScope’s new interface places each signal analyzer tool in its own window, allowing users to multiple data displays simultaneously. Each analyzer display offers hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics for fast on-screen drawing, and Quartz graphics for high-resolution off-screen drawing to PDF files or the printed page. Advanced cursor options enable users to zoom and pan data displays, in addition to pinpointing specific data points within a display for further inspection.

All analysis tools within SignalScope and SignalScope Pro offer more advanced measurement configurations, which can all be saved in project files, along with the measurement data itself. SignalScope Pro also now includes a stereo signal generator with support for Audio Unit generator plug-ins. New features in both products also include comprehensive AppleScript support, direct comparison of captured and live signals, and multi-channel analysis.

Faber Acoustical’s SignalScope 2 costs $129 and SignalScope Pro will set you back $299. More information on Faber Acoustical SignalScope and SignalScope Pro.

Author: FutureMusic

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