Firebox Reissues Stylophone

The original Stylophone, one of the first mass-consumer electronic instruments, has been re-issued by Firebox. According to the website, 3 million of the “electronic organ in your pocket” doo-dads were sold during the ’70s. The battery-operated Stylophone is a small box packed with old-school electronic technology that utilizes a stylus. The user simply presses the stylus to the various metal keys in order to close the circuit and emit a peculiar “note.”

This re-issued version is just the same as the original except you can now control the volume and play along with your iPod. There are even a couple of all-new Stylophone sounds and a vibrato knob. Firebox claims that “Bowie, Pulp, Kraftwerk and Marilyn Manson have all used the Stylophone to add a touch of whiny ethereal lunacy to their recordings.”

The Firebox Stylophone is available now for only $30 bucks. More information on the Stylophone.

Author: FutureMusic

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