Synthogy Announces Ivory Upright Pianos

Synthogy has announced Ivory Upright Pianos, another piano collection in its line of virtual instruments. Ivory Upright Pianos, developed by piano sound designer Joe Ierardi and sound-engine architect George Taylor, features four different upright pianos, Yamaha U5, A.M. Hume, Packard and a prepared Tack piano.

Each of the four pianos was sampled in up to 10 velocity layers, features release samples for enhanced realism, and even sports a separate, selectable “creaks and clunks” layer for added realism.

Modern Upright – A brand new Yamaha U5 upright
Yamaha uprights are widely regarded as the best uprights built today. The model U5 is the top of their upright line. Expertly tuned and regulated, it is a great piano for modern pop, rock, or jazz recording. Many musicians and producers love the way this upright sits in a mix and adds personality to the music.

Vintage Upright – A 1914 A.M. Hume upright
This is a big, American-made upright from the “golden age” of piano building. Hume pianos are highly regarded by knowledgeable piano technicians for their excellent build quality and resonant sound. This particular instrument was chosen for its tremendous tone and its all-original parts, which were carefully maintained over the years. This classic vintage American upright is versatile enough to carry virtually any style of music.

Honky Tonk, Barroom Upright – 1915 Packard upright
This is yet another big old American upright with all original parts, though it has enjoyed a more “colorful” life than the Hume. It turns out that this particular piano comes by its barroom sound honestly, since for years it was the house piano at the famous Cheers bar in Boston. It was custom detuned in the genuine “honky tonk” style for the sampling sessions.

Tack Piano – A genuine early 1900’s upright with real tacks in the hammers
Like the Barroom Upright, this piano was prepared and recorded in the authentic style, and is not a synth emulation. Custom prepared for Synthogy’s recording session with metal tacks inserted into the hammer felts, and “not perfectly” tuned, this authentic and classic piano sound from the turn of the century continues to be used in everything from period music to experimental alt-rock.

Ivory Upright Pianos is a virtual instrument comprising over 50 GB and over 5,000 samples that works stand-alone or as a plug-in with AU, VST (Mac/PC), and RTAS (Mac/PC) hosts. It will be available sometime in March 2008 for $299. All Synthogy products require iLok. Beat…. More information on the Synthogy Ivory Upright Pianos.

Author: FutureMusic

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