Access Music Unveils Atomizer Effects For Virus TI Synths

Access Music is now expanding their palette by developing tools for Virus TI owners. The first utility out of the gate is the Atomizer, a tool for creating stuttering effects by allowing the user to slice ‘n’ and dice audio in realtime using a MIDI keyboard.

Access claims the new Atomizer allows you to create tired stutter effects in short order without the cumbersome workflow of years past. Atomizer’s big advantage is that it works in realtime, so once the user syncs the audio to tempo, he can chop up his singer’s voice while he’s performing or add unique effects to a DJ set.

You can record the slicing process into your sequencer and edit it later along with the rest of your song. You can remix in realtime as well, with the modulation wheel becoming an intelligent cross-fader, while the pitch-wheel lets you change the pitch by approximately 4 octaves. And there are tons of effects including sample rate and bit rate reduction algorithms which, again, can be used in realtime and become a part of your performance.

Access Music’s Atomizer will be available free of change to all Virus TI users as a free software update sometime this Spring. More information on the Access Music Atomizer for Virus TI synths.

Author: FutureMusic

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