BSM Releases RMG Treblebooster VX-C Classic Treble & Bass Booster

BSM has announced two new stompboxes to their lineup that may appeal to not only guitarists, but also keyboardists and electronic musicians who desire a distinctly vintage sound. The RMG Treblebooster and the VX-C Classic Treble & Bass Booster are based on models from the ’60s.

The BSM RMG model is based on the british Vox Treble & Bass booster made in the late 60s and used by many british bands at this time including Byrds guitarist Roger McGuinn and his signature “jingle jangle” sound. The RMG’s customized tone design, makes it the perfect treble booster for all clean sounds. The RMG model includes a tone control, that can add a lot of twang and spank to any sound. By pronouncing the percussive attack in a very musical way, any instrument will sound more “in your face.”

In general the RMG works better in combination with analog compressors than with digital devices, same with chorus and delay. The RMG sounds great in front of any tube or transistor amp, often preferred by guitarists playing clean all the time.

The BSM VX-C Classic Treble & Bass Booster is an authentical copy of the British Vox booster from the late 60s. It offers the original tone network and gain from the original, and includes a tone control, which allows a fair bit of versatility from a wooly bass tone up to a sparkling high-end vintage sound. It’s also possible to produce the sound of a Wah-Wah pedal, set to a fixed middle position. So you can create the sound of Michael Schenker during his work with UFO. In comparison to the VX-T, the VX-C Classic offers less gain and a more old-style tone control, while the VX-T targets the mid frequencies.

The BSM RMG Treblebooster costs €295 and the VX-C Classic Treble & Bass Booster retails for €180. More information on the BSM RMG Treblebooster and the VX-C Classic Treble & Bass Booster.

Author: FutureMusic

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