Following Universal, Warner Music Settles Infringement Suit With XM Satellite Radio

Following Universal Music Group, Warner has settled its longstanding lawsuit with XM Satellite Radio. The deal will require XM Satellite to not only pay Warner a percentage of Pioneer Inno revenues, but also get in on the action of future satellite receivers with the same feature set.

The Inno attracted lawsuits, like bees to honey, (…although, I can think of some more appropriate metaphors. —Ed.) due its ability to record broadcasted music for future playback within the device, also known as time-shifting in non-litigating circles.

Most of the financial details are unknown beyond an upfront payment for already purchased devices, and per device payouts for future sales, but there’s most likely some other financial nuggets that Warner and Universal have wrestled out of XM.

The Future: Look for EMI and Sony BMG to ink deals in January.

Author: FutureMusic

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