Spectrasonics Announces Intel Mac Wrapper For Atmosphere and Trilogy

Spectrasonics is now offering a solution that allows Atmosphere and Trilogy users to use these dynamic instruments on Intel Mac computers. The free Public Beta version is now available for download in the Support Knowledge Base, registration is required.

Spectrasonics developed a “wrapper” solution allows the existing Atmosphere and Trilogy virtual instruments to be accessed on an Intel-Mac computer. It has been tested with a variety of hosts, computers, versions of OSX, buffer settings, etc. Included in the download are performance charts for each of the major hosts and guidelines for users to get the most out of their specific computer setup.

This solution is designed to be nearly identical to the native plug-in experience – with the MIDI and Audio routing working automatically and plug-in settings saved and recalled with the song.

More information on the Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Trilogy Intel Mac solution.

Author: FutureMusic

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