Warner Pulls Plug On Nokia’s New Music Store

According to reports, Warner Music has pulled its content from the shiney new, Nokia Music Store. The falling-out is the result of infringement issues on Nokia’s Mosh, which allows users to share, pictures, audio and video content. Warner is unhappy about the ability of Mosh users to transfer Warner’s copyrighted material to other users without payment to the music concern.

The Nokia Music Store, based in the UK, is optimized for the Nokia N81 and Nokia N95 multimedia phones, but the mobile manufacturer plans to expand the offering as other competent phones become available. Songs cost 80 pence ($1.66), and albums start at £8.00 ($16.63). The Nokia Music Store also offers a monthly subscription for PC-based streaming for £8.00 where fans can access the multi-million song catalog from their home computer, and then transfer the WMA-based content to their mobiles.

Author: FutureMusic

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