MIDIKarval Introduces B4 Controller For Native Instruments B4 Organ Emulator

MIDIKarval has released B4 Controller, a VST MIDI processor you insert in your host between the MIDI input and the Native Instruments B4 I or II VSTi. MIDIKarval believes that NI’s B4 “lacks some important features, as the possibility of using your keyboard for turning the bank rotary switch or selecting the reverse-color keys on each manual.” Thus, they have developed the B4 Controller, which transforms the Control Change messages or the Note-On messages from your MIDI keyboard.

Enhancements To B4 With MIDIKarval’s B4 Controller:
• The use of the “bank rotary switch” for choosing one of the B4 ten presets banks.
• The use of one or two octaves of your MIDI keyboard for selecting the upper (or also the lower) manual “inverted keys” and selecting one of the twelve presets of each bank.
• The use of the sliders/knobs of your MIDI keyboard for moving not only the upper manual drawbars, but also the lower and the pedal manuals drawbars.
• Playing, without changing the transmitting MIDI channel, the pedal manual.
• “Coupling” the upper and the lower manuals, so that you can play them at the same time, using only one hand and transposing, if you want, the lower manual one octave below the upper manual.
• To save and load different settings (programs).

MIDIKarval’s B4 Controller is available now as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and costs €20 / €25 (Standard and Personal editions). A demo version is available. More information on MIDIKarval B4 Controller.

Author: FutureMusic

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