Kaito’s KA1121 Radio To MP3 Device Now Available

Hammacher Schlemmer is now offering Kaito’s KA1121 Radio To MP3 device in States. The Kaito radio has a removable MP3 player that allows you to record AM, FM, and shortwave radio broadcasts for future playback as digital files. The MP3 player can be programmed to record a radio station at a specific time, it has 256 MB of internal memory, about 10 hours of recording, and it comes with software that allows you to dump music from a computer to the portable player.

The MP3 player can be used as a voice recorder, and also features a single-sideband modulation for receiving two-way marine, aviation, and Ham radio broadcasts, as well as digital AM/FM and digital shortwave. It also features 400 presets, a digital clock with three alarms, a built-in digital NOAA weather band that can access all seven National Weather Service stations, and an audio line-in port for playing music from an iPod or CD player.

Kaito’s KA1121 comes packaged with three AA rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter, and an audio line-in cable. It costs $179.95. More informtion on the Kaito KA1121.

Author: FutureMusic

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