Ultimate Ears Announces UE-11 Pro Earphones

Earphones Adopt Razor Blade Strategy

In the continuing one-up-manship of the earphone market, Ultimate Ears has announced the four driver UE-11 Pro. This new flagship model replaces the UE-10 Pro and features four armature drivers built into a custom shell: a dual driver subwoofer, a dedicated midrange and a separate tweeter. An electrically and acoustically tuned three-way handles crossover duties for precise separation and low-end performance. Ultimate Ears claims a frequency response of 10Hz to 16,500 Hz, -26dB of noise isolation, and input sensitivity of 119dB at 1mW.

Just like with razor blades, the more is better action doesn’t come cheap. The Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro earphones will be available in the beginning of August for a whopping $1150. Ultimate Ears has nothing on their website at this time, but for more information check Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro in the next couple of weeks.

Author: FutureMusic

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