de la Mancha Updates Dirtbox To Version 2.0

de la Mancha has updated their free Windows plug-in, dirtbox, to version 2.0. Dirtbox is a parallel compressor / distortion effect for adding the grimy nasty to your sounds, especially drums and percussion. Version 2.0 adds individual crush and distort with increased dirt levels, new overdrive and ring mod controls, improved parallel compression control, MIDI learn and a new interface.

• Added bouncy fatness by mixing the dry uncompressed signal and the wet compressed signal
• 4 flavors of gritty crunchy dirt
• Compressor controls (can be turned off):
— Threshold & Gain are in dB, attack & release are in ms, ratio is x:1.
— Oomph adds the dry signal onto the wet, to get that NY parallel compression sound.
• Dirt controls (you can turn each dirtifier on/off):
— Crush reduces bit rate and sample rate as you increase the knob setting.
— Distortion and drive are self limiting, as you increase the setting, the volume is roughly maintained.
— Ring modulation can be added using any of the 4 waveforms, sine, saw, triangle or square.
— The mix control is for the dirt section only, and controls the wet/dry level of those effects selected.
• MIDI learn: all knobs and buttons have MIDI CC support and MIDI learn

de la Mancha’s dirtbox is free and is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows. More information on de la Mancha dirtbox 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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