Psychic Modulation Updates Minimal Drum/Bass Synth To Version 1.5

Psychic Modulation has updated the Minimal drum/bass synth to version 1.5.

• Kick, Snare, Hat and Bass modules
• Each module has it’s own 8-step sequencer
• Bass module has onboard note sequencer
• Each sequencer has control of direction and speed.
• Random probability controls for each sequencer
• Minimal can be played via play button or note trigger
• Host sync allows automatic playback in sync with the host
• Multiple outputs
• Onboard drum mixer
• Front panel opens to reveal a matrix of 5 LFOs
• Patch randomization for each drum, bass and bass keypad

• New patch randomization feature: buttons randomize drums, bass and keygrid separately
• Sequencers now ignore patch change, allowing several different patches per sequence bank
• Minor Interface improvements

Psychic Modulation’s Minimal is free. More information on Psychic Modulation Minimal.

Author: FutureMusic

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