Apple Inks First Social Networking Deal With Bebo

Apple Hooks Up With Bebo To Incorporate iTunes Into The Popular UK Destination

Apple and Bebo have announced a deal to incorporate iTunes directly into the popular UK social netowrking site. This is the first such deal for iTunes and will be closely watched by the industry. Bebo UK has almost 9 million users, certainly not the largest site, but was probably perfect for Apple who regards this endeavor as an “experiment.” If all goes well, then the social networking site could open iTunes to the rest of its estimated 33 million users worldwide.

Bebo has 500,000 musicians registered on its site, including both undiscovered bands, and established acts. Bebo claims 4,000 new bands create a profile on the site each day. Bebo’s users will have the ability to buy music directly from any Bebo musician whose music is available on iTunes. Bebo will also become a platform for iTunes to promote underground artists. The site will offer users a free music download each week, designed to introduce breaking artists and releases.

Author: FutureMusic

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