Denon Announces Mix & Mash Challenge – Online DJ Competition

Denon DJ, one of the most poorly marketed DJ equipment manufacturers, has announced the Denon DJ Mix & Mash Challenge. Now we generally promote music contests with abandon, since the chance to win some cool gear is never a bad thing. However, when a PR or marketing team, who has no clue about the music industry, sends us an announcement with “hip lingo” and no comprehension of prior DJ contests, we have to t’row dem a beatin’

Denon is calling this paltry contest “a groundbreaking online DJ contest that will give aspiring DJs the chance to win valuable prizes.” (Hey Denon, “groundbreaking” is when you break new ground – which this contest definitely does not do…)

The DJ competition, which is co-sponsored by Armani Exchange, Guitar Center, Tommy Boy Entertainment, Beatport and PCDJ, will allow DJs to show off their “skillz” (yeesh!) and win prizes by downloading tracks from, and then remixing and uploading them back onto the site for judging by friends, visitors and “top industry experts.”

The contest will run from May 14th through July 2007 and is open to all DJs who are 18 years or older and U.S. residents. All of the music downloads for the contest will be provided by Tommy Boy Entertainment and the Armani Exchange.

The Mix & Mash Challenge Grand Prize Winner will receive $2,500 shopping sprees at both the Armani Exchange and Guitar Center, $600 worth of free music downloads from Beatport, plus a Denon DN-HD2500 Media Player and Controller (SRP: $1199.99), a pair of Denon DN-HP1000 Headphones (SRP: $199) and the Denon AVR-987 AV Surround Receiver.

More information on how you can win some gear and a new wardrobe.

Author: FutureMusic

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