Ploytec Releases Latenc-o-Meter – Hardware Latency Tester

Looking more like a spy-relic from the Cold War, the Ploytec Latenc-o-Meter is a hardware Latency Tester which the manufacturers claim is “a unique tool for finding the truth about latency.”

The Truth Is Out There…

The Latenc-o-Meter works by generating a click signal on its analog output (the red cinch connector) and waits until it returns on the input (the black cinch connector). In the meantime it samples that input on its A/D converter running at a 100kHz sample rate for total accuracy. The measurement range goes from 0.01ms to 999.99ms, new clicks are generated every few seconds.

Ploytec uses the Latenc-o-meter for development of their external USB2 soundcards and drivers, but believe that there’s a prosumer/consumer market for the device. At €330, we don’t think so… More information on the Latenc-o-Meter.

Author: FutureMusic

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