MTV Developing “Rapping With The Stars”

Another nail in the coffin of Hip-Hop?

MTV is reportedly close to a development deal for, brace yourself, “Rapping With the Stars,” a reality competition show that will partner musically-challenged celebrities with hip-hop stars. No this is not a one-off skit on Saturday Night Live, Rapping With the Stars would be a full-on weekly with panel of hip-hop judges.

Now, no working rapper today would actually take this gig, since it would be the kiss of death to his/her career, but nothing should stop Flava Flav and his bevy of over-weight bimbos from showing up to the gig. The show will follow the format of “Dancing With The Stars” and feature teams squaring off in range of rap-oriented musical challenges.

There is something remotely amusing about Reverand Run “coaching” someone like Bob Saget on the finer points of pronunciation, but an entire series??

Author: FutureMusic

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