Pioneer Officially Announces MT-01 Power Line Sound System After Several Delays

Pioneer has announced that their MT-01 Power Line Sound System will finally ship in July. The system was beleaguered with problems, but those seemed to have been sorted and now the system is ready to take its bow. The MT-01 works through your home’s electrical wiring. Just plug the main control unit and speakers into any available electrical outlet and the Sound Station will send audio to up to six speakers throughout your house. The includes one large 2 x 25W Network Speaker, a remote control, and a small 5W Network speaker.

The complete MT-01 consists of the Sound Station control unit, two 25 Watt speaker in a large chassis and a small 5 Watt speaker complete with a motion sensor to automatically turn on when you enter the room. the MT-01 system also has an optional network feature to connect your iPod or other digital music player, as well as USB ports.

The Pioneer MT-01 system will sell for around $600 bucks. iPod Network option will be $120, and additional speakers will retail for $225 and $160 for the 25W and 5W respectively. With all the trouble that Pioneer has had perfecting this system, we’d suggest you’d adopt and wait ‘n’ see posture.

Author: FutureMusic

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