Moog Unleashes The MF/FM MoogerFooger Stompbox

Moog has unleased the MF/FM MoogerFooger Stompbox at MusikMesse. If you thought their FreqBox was nutty, wait til you check the MF/FM out…

The MF/FM effect actually captures radio signals, routes them through electronic wizardry, and produces some of what Moog dubs “the craziest sounds imaginable.” (Whoever thought this product up was pretty loco as well –Ed.) The MF/FM has an on-board analog radio tuner, capable of locking into frequencies across the FM radio band. Mix any instrument with live radio signals, and tweak the voltage controlled oscillator for modulated madness and creativity.

The MF/FM accepts instrument to line-level input and the signal is passed through drive and mix circuits (for dry/wet balance). The VCO section features frequency and waveform knobs, all controllable with an expression pedal. What else can we say except you have to hear this thing to believe it…

The new MF/FM retails for $349 and begins shipping on April 1st ;]
More information on the MF/FM MoogerFooger.

Author: FutureMusic

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