Electrix Rises From The Dead…Again

SBD Music, Inc., a Laguna Hills, California concern, has acquired Electrix Pro, Inc., makers of robust DJ processing modules. The newly formed company also announced they have appointed a board of directors consisting of Mark Buhler, Charles Dotson and Adam Scolaro.

“We saw a tremendous opportunity to acquire a very well respected brand name in Electrix. We are planning to re-introduce new versions of the Electrix products over the next twelve to twenty four months,” says Adam Scolaro, president of SBD Music, Inc. “We are going to continue manufacturing high quality products that Electrix is known for, and try to build and expand the product line,” added Mark Buhler.

The Future: Well that’s just peachy Mark and Adam, but the industry has long passed Electrix’s product line by, way by… So you better innovate, because if you think the kids want another version of the Filter Queen, you’re wrong.

Author: FutureMusic

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