NuGen Audio Unveils SEQ1 & SEQ2 Equalizers

NuGen Audio has announced the release of SEQ1 and SEQ2 Linear Phase mixing and mastering equalizers. The SEQ series EQ’s are designed to deliver transparent, scaleable, connective EQ without the phase warping and phase smearing artefacts common in traditional digital EQ, giving a clearer sound and sharper transients.

The NuGen Audio SEQ series, unlike many digital EQ’s, is linear phase. This means that the phase shift is linear across the frequency spectrum, resulting in a natural sounding EQ change, and producing minimal phase artefacts.

The computational algorithm employed in SEQ1 is based up on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform Analysis). This is a much more involved process, involving transformation of the audio data into the frequency domain, before applying frequency related computations and then transforming back into the temporal domain. The advantage of this process is that the frequency and temporal relationship remains intact – linear phase transformation. The benefit of this method is that linear phase adjustments sound clearer, it is possible to create a much more transparent EQ using this technology. Phase Warping also affects the clarity of transients, as it causes Phase Smearing. Linear Phase calculations avoid this limitation, producing a sharper audio image.

The SEQ series includes:
• Analogue shaped curves
• Fully independent or Mid-side operation
• 64-bit signal path
• Dual core optimisations
• All sample rates supported
• Scaleable connective technology
• Comprehensive global utility controls

SEQ1 Features:
• 7-band linear phase EQ
• Fully parametric bell-curves
• HPF, LPF filters
• High and low shelving filters
• Optional visual feedback

SEQ2 Features:
• Linear phase multi-band spline EQ
• 10-30kHz operation
• Spectral analysis feedback
• Adjustable quality settings

The SEQ series VST Effects for Windows is available now from NuGen Audio. SEQ1 Basic costs $119 and the Master Edition $219. SEQ2 Basic costs $119 and the SEQ2 Master Edition will set you back $219. Demos are available for download. More information on the NuGen Audio SEQ1 and SEQ2 Equalizers.

Author: FutureMusic

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