Mackie Announces Control Pro Series

Mackie announced the new Mackie Control Pro control surface series, their next generation controllers. Comprising Mackie Control Universal Pro, Mackie Control Extender Pro and Mackie Control C4 Pro, the series provides the most complete feature set and software compatibility in Mackie’s history.

Mackie Control Pro series controllers are designed to seamlessly work together to deliver hands-on control of mix and plug-in parameters. Sporting a new streamlined appearance, the Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface features the ability to connect directly to a Mac or PC via USB, and support for connections of up to three additional pieces of external MIDI gear. Like the Mackie Control Universal, the MCU Pro features nine motorized, touch-sensitive Penny + Giles faders, eight V-Pots and more than 50 master buttons, as well as a sophisticated communication protocol that enables ultra-precise control, makes setup easy and gives real-time visual feedback via the huge backlit LCD and eight LED rings.

The Mackie Control Extender Pro control surface extension shares the new appearance of the MCU Pro, and allows for easy expansion of the master module. Users can add eight precision Penny + Giles faders and V-Pot channels at a time — up to 24 faders and V-Pot channels total — by way of MIDI ports supplied by the MCU Pro.

The Mackie Control C4 Pro plug-in and virtual instrument controller offers hands-on control of up to 32 simultaneous parameters as well as extensive visual feedback via four backlit LCD “scribble strips.” Like the Extender Pro, the C4 Pro has been designed to seamlessly connect to the MCU Pro, but can also operate in standalone mode. The unique communication protocol employed by the C4 Pro allows for plug and play setup, and enables users to view parameter names and values in real time. When the C4 Pro is combined with Mackie’s free C4 Commander Pro software, users can also take control of MIDI hardware such as synthesizers, effects and amp modeling processors, all without leaving the mixing sweet spot.

The new Mackie Control Pro series will be available in March 2007 and will have a retail price of $1549.99 for the Mackie Control Universal Pro, $899.99 for the Extender Pro and and $1299.99 for the C4 Pro. More information on the Mackie Control Pro series controllers.

Author: FutureMusic

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