Audio Pranksters Rejoice! – Anchor Audio Releases Wireless MiniVox System

Anchor Audio has released its next-generation MiniVox public address system, capable of delivering 108 dB of intelligible speech from one, small self-contained portable sound system that’s designed for users with no technical knowledge.

As an alternative to megaphones or unidirectional bullhorns, Anchor Audio’s MiniVox public address system is designed for users with no technical knowledge and facilitates easy direction and communication — it also will be a godsend to pranksters across the globe. In order to eliminate interference from local broadcasting sources, the MiniVox now offers a 16-channel UHF wireless receiver at the same price as single-channel VHF previously. Because the UHF is selectable, users can flip a dial on the microphone and receiver to avoid interference from local broadcasting sources.

The UHF microphone has a range of 250 feet from the receiver. For hands-free use, there are headband, collar, lapel and handheld microphones. At 5 pounds including its wireless receiver, powered by nine “C” cell batteries, the MiniVox is truly portable and ready to go.

The Anchor Audio Wireless MiniVox public address system with a wireless mic costs $778. More information on the Anchor Audio Wireless MiniVox.

Author: FutureMusic

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