Stanton Feels FinalScratch Grip Slipping Away

Stanton has released a statement through its PR agency that reflects the repercussions from the fallout with software partner Native Instruments. Mac users who have switched over to the Intel-based Apple computers have been left holding the proverbial bag with Native denying Stanton a Universal Binary software update for FS2.

Here’s what Stanton has to say…

“Since the announcement of our FinalScratch OPEN strategy, the Stanton Group has had a number of inquiries regarding software Intel-based Mac compatibility solutions for existing FinalScratch 2 users. We are doing everything we can to help by working with FinalScratch OPEN software partners for development of new solutions and hold a great deal of respect and appreciation for our user base, but need to reiterate that this is strictly a software based issue. The ScratchAmp is and always has been fully compatible with all Mac technology, but an Intel compatible update for FS2 users on the software side was never developed, and all of Stanton’s requests for this software update have been denied by the developer.”

Without the exact details of how the relationship dissolved, it’s hard to say what exactly transpired, but Native refusing to offer an update to FS2 users somewhat demonstrates their distain for Stanton and the FS platform.

Stanton continues…

“Currently, we do not develop software in-house, we are hardware experts, so the solution we developed was to open up our hardware code to all software houses to offer our customers as many options as possible rather than choosing for them by becoming exclusive with a new partner. We would also like to stress the fact that we are open to offering compatibility to ALL developers, including N.I., and any others who may choose to stand behind the ScratchAmp and implement our code in their programs, present and future. We invite you to encourage your software company to make their developments ScratchAmp compatible!”

The Future: We’ve heard this plea before, but now it starting to reek of desperation. Instead of sniveling, Stanton should do whatever it takes to partner with a new software property, or out-source a new software paradigm under their own brand. No matter how many companies offer new DJ software solutions, we don’t feel the quintessential interface has been developed.
Opening up FS to other DJ software companies was a decent knee-jerk reaction after getting the sudden drop-kick from Native Instruments. However, the rebuttal was short-sighted since it leaves the company, again, at the whim of others. In other words, one step forward, two steps back.
Stanton, you have the resources, it’s now time to get off the mat and start fighting. Because before you know it, your window of opportunity will be closed, and the FinalScratch Platform will be down for the count.

Author: FutureMusic

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