MusicTrends:’s Online Store

What makes a good online music store? Is it flashy graphics with lots of dazzling animation? Is it customer service where the emphasis is actually on the customer? Is it the ability to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently? For this month’s MusicTrends, we are going to explore was almost exclusively a vinyl shop, but recently added a digital download component to complement the physical product. With less and less vinyl being both produced and purchased by the dance music community, the entire industry has suffered. Many brick and mortar stores simply threw up their hands and called it quits, while others pared down their staffs, and moved into much smaller spaces., already a lean operation, simply chugged along soaking up customers by word-of-mouth, great turnaround times, and the one thing that almost all online stores have neglected… More!

How can a scrappy vinyl shop leap-frog the online dance music retail market in single bound? We find out!

Author: FutureMusic

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