Waves Releases L3-16 MultiMaximizer

Waves has released the latest in their L-Series processing plug-ins, the L3-16 Multimaximizer. The fourth generation L3-16 Multimaximizer is the first to offer 16-band peak limiting, that Waves claims delivers loudness with control. It features a built-in linear phase equalizer as well as linear phase filtering throughout its crossover network, so audio is recombined perfectly, free of phase distortion.

Powered by Waves PLMixer Peak Limiting Mixer technology, the L3-16 limits and maximizes the sum of all 16 bands to a set Threshold factor for maximum output while keeping the music intact and transparent. It features a unique EQ-style 6-band interface offering envelope control of both Gain and Priority. With precise and transparent results, the L3-16 delivers punch and clarity with a wide range of sonic flavors — from analog warm to digital cool.

Traditional multi-band limiters consist of a group of band-specific limiters working completely independently of each other. The key to the power of the L3-16 is the PLMixer engine, which uses a single peak limiter controlling all of the bands. The PLMixer uses psychoacoustic criteria to intelligently determine how much attenuation to apply to each of the 16 bands, so all available headroom is used. This is modified by a gain system that operates like a linear-phase EQ section placed ahead of the limiter, plus a priority envelope across the entire audio spectrum to maximize loudness and optimize tonal character.

Release Profiles control the behavior of the L3-16’s built-in ARC Automatic Release Control engine across the band-split spectrum. The 16-band crossover network is completely linear-phase and thus delivers an output free of phase distortion and artifacts. The gain and priority settings of the 16 crossed-over limiters are controlled by a superimposed 6-band EQ-style envelope system, offering familiar controls such as frequency, Q and filter type.

Unlike traditional multi-band limiters, there is no need for a following wide-band limiter to catch overshoots: the PLMixer automatically manages and controls the gain relationship between the bands.

Comprehensive metering allows you to see as well as hear exactly what the system is doing, with DynamicLine attenuation curve, the priority envelope and gain envelope curves, plus overall input and output metering.

All processing is carried out with Waves’ trademark IDR Increased Digital Resolution double-precision re-quantization and 9-order noise shaping algorithms for maximum audio resolution at any setting. Quantization and dither can be set in the IDR section for maximum quality, with multiple output resolutions and two forms of dither, while noise-shaping options reduce the perceived noise level. These features can be selected depending on whether the processor is in use in mixing or mastering or if additional processing will subsequently be used.

<The L3-16 Multimaximizer is available exclusively in the Waves Mercury bundle, a massive collection of processors, with over 250 component plug-ins. Available for TDM and Native installation, the Waves Mercury collection including the L3-16 Multimaximizer is available nowfor a whopping $12,500 for the TDM version, and $7,500 for the Native install. More information on the Waves L3-16 MultiMaximizer.

Author: FutureMusic

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