Crobar New York To Close – Reopen As Studio Mezmor

New York City superclub, Crobar, has gone through an upheaval with Ken Smith and Cal Fortis leaving the venue and taking their Crobar brand name with them.

Fortis and Smith’s former New York based partners plan to reopen the club within a month as Studio Mezmor, a homage to the building’s original tenant Colonel Francis Messmore. The New York City crowd has weighed in on the name change with a predictably negative reaction. However, the remaining owners have called in New York native Victor Calderone to launch the new venue on February 17th. He will be joined by Portugal’s DJ Vibe.

The venue claims that there have been improvements to Steve Dash’s four stacker sound system – hopefully that means some room-treatment to eliminate the massive reflections. Today will be the final day for many of the Crobar staff.

More information on Crobar To Become Studio Mezmor.

Author: FutureMusic

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