u-he Releases More Feedback Machine Version 2.0 Public Beta

u-he has released beta version 2.0 of their über-delay More Feedback Machine. MFM is a flexible delay that can do “meat ‘n’ potatoes” echo to more mind-bending rhythmic deconstructions. The idea behind MFM is to give the musician as much control over four separate delay lines as possible, and having them interact as well as having means to modulate delay parameters in realtime.

• Four separate Delays
• sync to host tempo
• Modulation
• comb filtering
• tune delays chromatically
• each delay has panning, filter, output level and lots of feedback options
• Feedback Control
• Matrix Effects

The heart of MFM is the feedback matrix, found in the center of its editor window. There are several pre-defined matrices that cover most needs for almost any type of delay effect, including ping pong, multitap and feedback delay networks for reverb-type effects. A User Matrix lets one choose the amount of feedback from each delay line into each other .

Naturally each delay line has a resonant multimode filter that by default sits in the feedback path, in order to create damping, rising or moving delays. But this filter can also be placed at other points in the signal flow, such as the input or the output, individually for each delay line.

In addition, delay lines 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 have a set of so-called Matrix Effects that add further means to mangle the delay feedback. These include saturation, bitreduction, frequency shifting (sideband filter) and phasing effects for each of both pairs.

A big knob on the top of the window controls the overall feedback amount. But if it’s too much feedback, there’s the infamous Panic button right next to it!

There’s nothing that can not be modulated in MFM. You can put LFOs on delay times to create warm and subtle chorusing effects. Play delay times over MFM’s built-in keyboard control to create tuned comb filter effects. Use Multistage envelopes to create evolving filter sweeps or gating effects.

The u-he More Feedback Machine is free at this point, but will cost $79 when officially released in March. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary in VST and Audio Units formats. More information on the u-he More Feedback Machine Delay Plug-In.

Author: FutureMusic

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