NuGen Audio Updates Line-Up To Version 2.0

NuGen Audio has updated Line-Up to version 2.0. This is a major update to their free utility and delay VST plug-in for Windows. Line-up is a track adjustment utility designed to allow the rapid manipulation of audio inputs, including phase switching, multiple mono collapse options and sample accurate line-up of multiple audio tracks.

• Dynamic Signal Flow indicators
• Left and Right Input selectors
• Channel switching option
• Phase Invert switches
• Mono control
• Left and Right Output selectors
• New GUI

These features can be useful for correcting mis-aligned tracks (no host PDC, phase re-alignment, long mic/speaker recording delay, etc.), checking mono compatibility and switching/muting/collapsing stereo channels. Line-up can also be used as a send effect to create very precise chorus, phase and doubling effects.

The GUI has been re-designed for v2, now giving a visual representation of the signal path, with dynamic signal flow indicators, which update as various settings are made. The Delay value can be set by clicking and dragging the mouse up and down the delay readout (holding Shift whilst dragging allows the values to be adjusted one sample at a time). To enter a value directly you can double click the box. Line-up also features a Bypass control for easy A-B comparison.

NuGen Audio’s Line-Up is available now as a free download for all registered users. More information on NuGen Audio Line-Up 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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