Weekend Fun: The AquaJet

What do you get when you cross a JetSki with a motorcycle? The AquaJet! Although the company has been around since 2002, their AquaJet is only now ready for prime time.

Aquajet Corporation’s WX-1 1250R Jetbike, dubbed “the world’s first motorcycle for the water,” won the Innovations Award at the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Convention in Orlando, Florida as well as First Place at The Invention Convention in Long Beach, California.

The Special Edition WX-1 1250R utilizes Aquajet’s own 1250cc, three-cylinder, 165hp high performance engine and has a top speed capability of 65 mph. The Jetbike is primarily a sport, recreation, and leisure vehicle but can be customized for a wide range of specialized applications including military, law enforcement, and search and rescue. The Jetbike’s motorcycle like riding and handling characteristics are unique and give it performance superior to all other watercraft. The Jetbike is the only water machine in the world to feature dual front and rear steering.

The Jetbike could be considered the safest machine on the water thanks to its patented high draft design and off-throttle steering control system, which provides for total “off-throttle” steering control even after a rider releases the throttle, a feature no other PWC offers. Aquajet’s safety related technology invention can also be applied to Jet Boats and conventional personal watercraft. It is the easiest personal watercraft to mount and dismount, even in deep water, because it is half submerged at rest. The Jetbike’s high draft design also causes the craft to slow down and stop much more rapidly than any other personal watercraft.

The company claims that the Jetbike offers more thrills and excitement than any other personal watercraft, and currently holds 25 U.S. government granted patent claims.

Author: FutureMusic

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