Is A Major Label About To Release A Large Portion Of Their Catalog As MP3s??

Even though Apple is taking up much of the rumor mill bandwidth with iPhones, iTablets, iTV, a super portable thin laptop, and of course, iPods, we take this opportunity to drop this bomb…

A big four label is planning to release a significant portion of their library as MP3s in an effort to stimulate severely sagging sales. Which label is it? Good question since the anonymous sources who are flapping their lips will only say that
a “label is going to make a large portion of its catalog available as MP3s.”

Many of the majors have experimented with low bit rate MP3 singles, but have stopped short of opening up the vaults.
EMI recently offered a Norah Jones single, “Thinking About You,” on Yahoo Music in December. Epic/Sony BMG dropped MP3-based singles from Jessica Simpson, also on Yahoo Music. It would be nice to have sanctioned MP3s, but in reality who cares? Most buyers already have their favorite tunes ripped as MP3s obtained legally or not, and this could just be a case of too little too late…

Author: FutureMusic

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